PRESS RELEASE: More than 2.500 EU Citizens Call on MEPs to Support Their Healthcare and Give Consent to ACAA

23 October 2012 – Strasbourg, France – Today, a petition signed by more than 2.500 EU citizens was delivered to all Members of the European Parliament calling on them to support their right to the best healthcare possible by giving consent to ACAA, a pharmaceutical standards agreement between the EU and Israel.

“The time has come to put European patients before personal politics,” argued EU citizens from 24 Member States and abroad. “We, citizens of the EU, thus call on you to finally put ACAA to a vote and give your consent.” Continue reading

ACAA Fact Sheet

Do you need more information on ACAA? Check out the new ACAA Fact Sheet!

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ACAA Passes Trade Committee

Yesterday morning, the European Parliament’s trade committee (INTA) gave its consent to ACAA by of vote of 15 in favour, 13 against and 2 abstentions. As a result, ACAA will now be voted on in the plenary in either October or November (in Strasbourg, France).

PASS ACAA thanks you all for your support until now! The biggest effort, however, lies ahead with the plenary vote. Please continue to circulate the petition so that we can show ALL Members of the European Parliament they should be PUTTING PATIENTS BEFORE POLITICS!

Israel: An Innovation Gem, in Europe’s Backyard

By Michael Bloch, Jonathan Kolodny and Dana Maor
Published in the Financial Times

Israel is a first-tier innovation hub, second in the world only to Silicon Valley in its concentration of start-up companies.

However, it seems as though European companies have yet to get that message. Continue reading